Solar Power Generation
Investments in sustainable solar power generation systems combine a relatively low risk, stable returns and predictable income.
selexos develops, implements and operates such systems and provides the technical, organizational, financial and administrative framework for investors to participate.
Project Development & Engineering -
we are assisting developers with technical know-how and engineering competence. In addition we provide material procurement services and supplier evaluation.

Project Management & Implementation -
is the most crucial part of the project cycle. With external competence and experienced manpower we are supporting the existing teams to ensure the projected outcome.

Project Operation & Maintenance -
our quality assurance while operating and maintaining the solar power projects will safeguard investors funds and insure long term reliability and high uptimes of solar systems.

Investment opportunities
If you are interested in an investment in solar power, you might want to contact us. We are providing access to:
  • Closed Energy Funds
  • Direct Project Investment
  • Shareholdings
Project quality and investment principles:
The long term quality and profitable return of solar power investments are determined by a number of technical, legal and organizational criteria that are also outlined in a fund prospect. An example of how they are valued and what they influence for your personal investment you may find hereafter.